Fast Streak With Stars

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*FYI: this is just 480p preview, original downloadable file is 1080p (or 4K) and has 5x greater quality (bitrate).

“Single streak line with nice glowing edges, stars, lens flares moving through the scene in chaotic way.
Video is HD.”,”lines, stripes, motion, particles, streak, streaks, visuals, curve, stripe, light streaks, free video overlay, video overlay, overlay, overlays, motion graphic, sparkles, 35mm, moving, intro, loopable, loop, film burn, film burns, color, background, seamless looping, glow, decoration, transparent, transition, transitions, leak, light leaks, flashes, film clutter, burn, FX, light, abstract, transition effects, focus, lens, lens flare, sepia, bokeh, blur, circle, sparks, particles, particle, stars, starlight, space