Film Burn Overlay From Left

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*FYI: this is just 480p preview, original downloadable file is 1080p (or 4K) and has 5x greater quality (bitrate).

“Nice film burn/light leak transition effect from left side.
This overlay will help you to add life and texture to any of your video project. Just overlay the clip in your favorite editing or compositing software using Overlay, Screen or Add modes. Video is in high quality full HD. “,”film burn, film burns, light leak, transition, burn, burns, burning, end burn, fire, action films, background, end burns, film, films, clutter, chaos, melting, transition, transition footage, transitions, burnfilm, head, film head burn, film tail turn, flash, leak, light leaks, flashes, Film Clutter, effect, FX, light, abstract, most popular, transition, effects, elements, glow, transition effects, flare, focus, lens, reflection, refraction, lens flare, glass