SnowFlakes Pack (35 in 1)

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*FYI: this is just 480p preview, original downloadable file is 1080p (or 4K) and has 5x greater quality (bitrate).

Pack contains 35 HD high quality flying snowflakes in various directions/ snowflake types, angles and speed ratios.

– 35 HD high quality flying snowflakes video footage
– all videos are with alpha channel (straight and unmatted)
– various flying snow videos
– perfect for realistic and fun(jingle bells) scenes
– each clip 20 sec. duration
– “drag and drop” timeline work style
– close/far scenes

* All clips are in .MOV format with Animation codec.

* Use alpha channel or blending modes to get transparency. Mix, change speed, cut, rotate this video content to get your own video results.

* Important note:
Don’t be scared when you’ll preview this footage with your standard movie player (i.e.: QuickTime, VLC, Windows media player or other). Sometimes footage with alpha channel can look a little weird or edges of objects in it could be without fading effects. That happens because standard video players are not able to process the alpha channel(transparency) right.
Anyway, our every video footage will look right in your editing software which supports alpha channel(or blending modes), for example: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, HitFilm, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro and other.

Here is our example, how it can be used: